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Best SEO Services

The Best SEO Company Should Ask You…

A smart SEO representative should also be asking you some questions. This enables them to evaluate you as a client. The very best SEO companies are busy and can afford to be selective when determining how reasonable your expectations are and how easy you will be to work with…SEO requires a partnership between client and provider to get the best results.

  • What are some of the keywords you would like to turn up for?
  • Who do you see as your major competitors, online and offline?
  • How old is your URL?
  • Do you have a Content Management System (CMS) to edit your site content?
  • Have you conducted any SEO activities before?
  • Are you using Pay-per-click advertising?
  • What do you expect from your SEO investment and over what time frame?
  • Can you provide access to your web stats or Google Analytics account?
  • Do you have any other URL’s or websites?
  • What other marketing initiatives do you undertake, online and offline?