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We are Web Designers and SEO Professionals who focuses on crafting experiences to make their products easier to use and better to get your wishes come true

Nikka JJmp

Nikka is our special weapon when it comes to designing. Her unique approach to the world of design is amazing and believe us when we say it: you are lucky to have her on your project.

Nikka Levinson
Kevin Michaels

Kevin is our most talented developer when it comes to websites and apps for mobile phones.

Kevin Michaels
boone daniels

Boone is an amazing virtuous coder, there isn’t much that he can’t handle, Boone is the most trusted and unique secret weapon O.T.T Web has in its arsenal, if anything needed to be done, Boone is who we turn to.

Boone Daniels
Professional Coder

Julie is our sales and outreach manager. Brining new members to our little family.

Sales and Outreach Manager